The faculty forms the pillars for any academic set up, therefore our confidence in providing quality education emanates from highly qualified and experienced faculty, who are an alumni of prestigious institutions. Apart from core faculty, renowned academicians and corporate professionals are invited for guest lectures and interaction with the students.

The faculty at GRIP are experienced reputed creative and talented to train young minds who will meet the demands of Pharmaceutical industry. A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at Global research institute of pharmacy .


Sr. No. Name Designation Qualifications UG and PG (with specialization and awarding body) Department Date of Appointment Teaching experience
1 Dr. Pooja Arora Principal Ph.D, M.Pharmacy Pharmacognosy 02.09.2019 19.6 Years
2 Dr.Gagandeep kaur Associate Professor Ph.D, M.Pharmacy Pharmachemistry 02.11.2020 10 Years
3 Ms.Sushma Associate Professor Ph.D,M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Science 15.02.2021 10 Years
4 Ms Neha Yadav Associate Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Chemistry 17.07.2017 6.11 Years
5 Ms Smita Narwal Associate Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Chemistry 18.09.2018 8.9 Years
6 Mrs. Preeti Garg Assistant Professor M.Pharma Industrial Pharmacy 16.07.2018 02 Years
7 Ms. Deepa Rani Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmacognosy 01.03.2019 4.5 Years
8 Ms. Gitika Kohli Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmacology 01.05.2019 Years
9 Ms.Rajandeep Kaur Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 01.07.2019 Years
10 Ms. Rupa Devi Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 11.11.2019 1.4 Years
11 Ms. Diksha Dogra Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmacology 01.07.2019 Years
12 Ms. Nisha Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 11.03.2019 2.4 Years
13 Ms.Monica Verma Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Science 11.03.2019 2.4 Years
14 Mr. Mohit Kumar Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmacology 21.10.2020 2 Years
15 Ms. Kulwinder Kaur Assistant Professor M.Tech Bio-Technology 01.09.2020 7 Years
16 Ms.Rima Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmacology 28.01.2021 3 Months
17 Ms. Sheetal Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 24.01.2021 3 Month
18 Mr. Manjeet Saini Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Chemistry 01.12.2020 3 Month
19 Ms. Jasmine Kaur Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 01.08.2019 1.7 Years
20 Mr. Kavin Gupta Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 15.02.2021 1 Month
21 Mr. Parul Goyal Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 01.12.2020 1 Month
22 Mr. Ajay Rohilla Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmacognosy 01.03.2021
23 Mr. Gourav Sharma Lecturer B.Pharma Pharmacy 01.12.2020 02 Months
24 Ms. Surbhi Lecturer B.Pharma Pharmacy 15.02.2021 Fresher
25 Ms. Monica Kamboj Lecturer B.Pharma Pharmacy 01.12.2020 2 Months
26 Mr. Rohit Gupta Lecturer B.Pharma Pharmacy 15.02.2021 Fresher
27 Mr. Kuldeep Gupta Assistant Professor M.Ed 19/09/2019 19 Years
28 Ms. Khusboo Assistant Professor M.Tech 01/04/2018 03 Years
29 Mrs. Harpeet Kaur Assistant Professor M.Phil 06/01/2017 17 Years
30 Ms. Romika Bhardwaj Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 15.05.2021 1 Year 8 Months
31 Ms. Shweta Saini Assistant Professor M.Pharma Pharmaceutics 12.04.2021 6 Months


 Name  Father’s Name  Designation Date of Appointment Name of Department  Signature
1 Mr. Vikram Basatia Mr. Gurdev Singh Lab Technician 07.05.2018 Pharmacy  
2 Mr. Rohit Kumar Sh. Ramesh
Lab Technician 01.01.2018 Pharmacy  
3 Mr. Sourabh
Mr. Subhash
Lab Technician 17.06.2019 Pharmacy  
4 Mr. Gulshan Sh. Darshan Lal Lab Technician(Computer) 12.02.2021 Pharmacy  
5 Mr. Paras Sh. Vishnu Dutt Lab Technician 12.02.2021 Pharmacy  
6. Mr. Ajay Sh. Jai Parkash Lab Technician 18.01.2021 Pharmacy  
7. Mr. Wajid Khan Mr. Muneer Lab Attd 01.05.2017 Pharmacy  
8 Mr. Vikas Kamboj Sh. Kanwar Lal Lab Attd 01.02.2017 Pharmacy  
9 Mr. Nirmal Mr. Mam Chand Lab Attd 01.02.2017 Pharmacy  
10 Mr. Subhash Mr. Barkha
Lab Attd 01.02.2017 Pharmacy  
11 Mrs. Renu Rani Mr. Prem Pal Lab Attd 25.09.2017 Pharmacy  
12 Mr. Amit Kajal Mr. Rajbir Lab Attd 21.02.2018 Pharmacy  
 13  Mr. Vishal Kumar Mr. Rajinder Kumar  Lab Attd  17.09.2018  Pharmacy  
14. Mr. Ashok Kumar Mr. Phool Singh Lab Attd 04.02.2019 Pharmacy  
15. Mr. Vikas Sh. Shivram Lab Attd 23.04.2019 Pharmacy  
16. Ms. Ravina Sh. Naresh Kumar Lab Attd 11.01.2021 Pharmacy  
17. Mr. Ashu Sh. Jagmal Singh Lab Attd 05.02.2021 Pharmacy  
18. Mr. Sethpal Sh. Jagdish Chand Lab Attd 04.02.2021 Pharmacy