Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Doctorate in Pharmacy


Dr. Ashwani Kumar is presently working as Principal, Global Research Institute of Pharmacy, Yamuna Nagar. Professionally, he is a Medicinal Chemist with expertise in the design and development of synthetic methodologies dealing with various organic transformations, multistep synthesis of medicinally active heterocyclics along with bioactive natural product analogs. He has done PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from IKGPTU University, Jalandhar and M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from ISF College of Pharmacy affiliated to PTU, Jalandhar. He is an alumnus of GGSCOP, Yamuna Nagar at graduate level. He has 15+ years of teaching experience. His expertise in the Computer Aided Drug Design, Analytical Method Development and Validation; Natural Product Chemistry, Formulation Development using NDDS field enabled him to conduct research in areas of diverse nature. His research areas include like molecular docking, pharmacophore modelling, virtual screening, pharmaceutical quality control, pharmaceutical technology and synthesis of medicinally active compounds. His expertise is simply recognized by the fact that he is acting as referee for review of manuscripts for large number of international journals of repute. He has more than 90 research/review publications - most of them in international journals of repute to his credit in addition to 06 books with international Publishers, 08 patent (Design), 05 patents (Formulation) and 11 copyrights. He is a recipient of project grant (Rs. 7,00,000/-) under MSME Innovative Scheme (Incubation, Design & IPR) in 2022; Training grant (Rs. 50,000/-) from Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi under PCI CBIT Scheme in 2021 and Conference grant (Rs. 20,000/-) from Patent Felicitation Centre, HSCST, DST, Govt. of Haryana for conducting one day national workshop on Patents filing procedure for students and small-scale industries in 2019. He is honored as Late Prof. (Dr.) M. L. Shroff “Pharma Recognition Award” by PharmaLok (NGO), New Delhi in 2022; Innovational Ambassador (Design Thinking & Innovation) by MHRD Innovational Cell, AICTE, New Delhi in 2021; Bentham Ambassador (2022-23, 2020-2021, 2019-20) by Bentham Science Publishers; e-certificate for Highly Cited Research in Fitoterapia by Elsevier in 2016. He is Life Member of the Indian Society for Technical Education (LM - 136464); Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers in India (HA/LM-153); Education Research and Development Association (ERDA/INDLM/792/1223) and Society for Research Development in Health Sciences (SRDHS/11). He has delivered more than 10 guest talks on various topics of healthcare domain in collaboration with different Government and Non-government organizations.


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